Womenswear The Fusion customer is ageless and does not fit into any stereotype.  So that we can bring a complete wardrobe we hand select seasonal collections so that pieces from one or more of our brands will build a beautiful, flirty or functional style to suit your mood.  Our brand mix includes the following:

VILA is the feminist fashionista's favourite brand.  Their mission is to create feminine fashion with a focus on quality, design and details.  Vila believes that femininity is the perfect balance between being delicate and graceful.  It is a balance which is expressed in all our clothes through little details in style and fabrics.

VERO MODA is a pacesetting brand that delivers truly relevant fashion to the real-life individual. It is open to exploring the new and eager and to be inspired by everyday life.  Vero Moda is fully aware of our environmental responsibility and constantly strives to increase the brands sustainability.  It brings a positive approach to life and the joy of dressing to please yourself.

Our brand ONLY is for the individual who always looks amazing in an effortless way.  Fashion is a passion - a  creative space where you can experiment with different attitudes, feels  and looks.  They’re not defined by a certain style, but by their playful attitude and love of denim.

NOISY MAY is a denim brand offering authentic, raw and original styles with curated capsules of on-trend jackets, tops, dresses and sweats.  Affordable styling, cutting edge designs, Noisy May fashion fits every girl who wants to stand out from the crowd.

OBJECT provides cool, conscious and creative fashion for individuals to dress on-trend and in sync with their personalities
International fashion brand JACQUELINE DE YONG brings our customers high quality essentials at a value-for-money concept. The JDY girl is dedicated to fashion, they express their coolness by styling outfits with a mixture of raw and soft styles with denim being the favourite item.

JJXX is not your average girl clothing brand. Focusing on denim craftsmanship, essentials and high fashion, they aim to inspire girls all over the world. Empowering you to feel free, powerful, capable and cool in your everyday lives. Offering a wide range of styles in more colours than you can count, denim lovers will appreciate quality essentials that always fit.

If you’re after an all singing all dancing brand then look no further than PIECES, this brand offers items from all categories…bags, shoes, clothing, accessories, denim etc. Their vision is to inspire independent young individuals to create and complete their equally & empowering playful look! Designing modern, simple and easy to wear clothing & accessory products at great value, whilst embedding sustainability into the making of their products.


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