Sustainable Fashion

AWARE by VERO MODA is a more sustainable collection of alluring go-to pieces, designed around gorgeous eco-friendly materials that reduce the amount of natural resources used during production, their go-to Tee’s are made with TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibres, high quality cellulose fibres made from wood pulp from sustainably managed forests and produced in a way that reduces environmental impact.

MORE is VILA’s sustainable choice, concentrating on organic cotton, recycled polyester and using innovative fibres, taking steps forward to not only make you look good but also feel good, finished off with price tags made from 100% sugar cane fibre.

BEGREEN Collection by NOISY MAY produces clothing using materials that are better for the environment such as 100% recycled polyester linings, offering affordable and more sustainable clothing.

Jacqueline de Yong is helping the environment by using recycled polyester, saving natural resources and reducing the amount of waste they produce.

Sustainable cotton farming is a key factor for ONLY’s clothing, making sure you feel comfortable and happy in your clothes.

Central to who Jack & Jones are is the quality and sustainability of materials used, recycled cotton & polyester is high up their list, as well as using organic cotton which helps protect biodiversity & ecosystems by not using harmful pesticides 

ONLY & SONS are naturally committed to sourcing & using materials that have less impact on the environment with a reduced water, energy & chemical footprint.

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