Happy New YOU! With Christmas out of the way and all the concentrating on making sure everyone else is happy and looked after, now’s the time to find something for yourself, our new range of yoga goodies includes starter packs, blocks, eye pillows, journals and lots more…

1.OM Incense holder £1.50 2.Eucalyptus Throat Chakra Candle £4.50 3.Foam Yoga Block-Grey £8 4.Yoga Starter Set-Pink £30 5.The Wellness Journal £12

1.Vegan Suede Yoga Mat £48 2.Lemon Solar Plexus Chakra Candle £4.50 3.Chakra Stones £11 4.Turquoise Yoga Mat £15 5.Alignment Cork Yoga Mat £48

1.2in1Yoga Strap £7 2.Cork Yoga Block £15 3.Vegan Suede Yoga Mat £48 4.Pink Yoga Mat £15 5.Mindful Journal £12

1.Foam Yoga Block-Pink £8 2.Rose Root Chakra Candle £4.50 3.The Little Book of Yoga £5.99 4.2in1 Yoga Strap £7 5.Relaxation Eye Pillow £12

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